Edge of Alaska

Hidden deep in the wilderness of eastern Alaska is the toughest town in America: McCarthy. Once considered to be the state's very own "Sin City," McCarthy is now an isolated town - a refuge...



Duration:41 min




Season 1 - Edge of Alaska
"Hidden deep in the wilderness of Alaska is the toughest town in America: McCarthy. Locked in winter\u2019s grip, the 42 souls who are brave enough to live here must battle the elements, and each other, to maintain their pioneer way of life."
"The last days of winter bring change. The future of town lies in the balance. Jason races the melting river crossings to reach his crashed airplane. Jeremy tests his nine-year-old son with a risky solo dog sled run through the woods."
"As seasons change in McCarthy, the town is haunted by its darkest day. The icy ground thaws into a quagmire, and old-timer Tim Mischel is marooned at his remote cabin. Neil and Jeremy\u2019s frozen truce is set on fire."
"Spring means locals can finally reach the outside world to resupply. Jeremy walks a bull calf home through bear country and faces off with a hungry black bear. Jason\u2019s brother Eric departs town for a new job, leaving Jason to face the wild alone."
"McCarthy is under attack from awakening bears. Jeremy\u2019s livestock is attacked and he goes on the hunt. While Gary searches for horses spooked by a grizzly."
"Hidden in McCarthy is the largest man-made ruin in the world - and Neil wants to open it up to tourists. Jenny finds a secret creek that holds gold and must pack a raft to inspect the claim."
"McCarthy\u2019s future lies in the balance as Neil takes the last steps toward making a town-wide electrical grid. Locals are pushed to their limit, so Jeremy calls an emergency meeting to stop Neil\u2019s plans and bring stability back to McCarthy."
"The town meeting erupts over Neil\u2019s power grid, and Jeremy must decide if McCarthy is worth fighting for. This battle has been brewing for years. A showdown is coming."
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Season 3 - Edge of Alaska
"In McCarthy, Neil Darish is on the brink of reopening the Motherlode mine for tourism, but a new arrival puts Neil\u2019s empire at risk. And to grow his family's farm, Jeremy Keller begins a new venture, and an unlikely alliance is formed by two rivals."
"Neil seeks help from McCarthy\u2019s unlikeliest resident to pursue his mine tour project. Local legend Tim gets a reminder of home when Mark pays a surprise visit. Jeremy treks to the Mother Lode to see what Neil has in store for the town\u2019s future."
"Neil\u2019s new hotel project is over budget so his investing partner moves to push him out of his oldest business. Jeremy and his boys go on a supply run for hay and return with Jason Lobo. Jenny Rosenbaum makes a life-changing discovery."
"A new era is upon McCarthy. Big money brings even bigger change as plans for tourism at the Mother Lode mine push forward. And as the last days of winter threaten life as they know it, McCarthy locals must once again band together."
"Neil pushes the town closer to the edge as he begins the first Mother Lode tour, but complications could spell the end of his life's work. Jeremy and Gary embark on a bear hunt but encounter something even more dangerous."
"Neil faces setbacks as he begins the first Mother Lode tour. Elsewhere, Jeremy and Gary go bear hunting."
"Tim returns to McCarthy and the Nizina River threatens Jeremy's hopes of growing a farm. Later, a shortcut to McCarthy brings the city closer to becoming a tourist attraction."
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Season 4 - Edge of Alaska
"Jeremy and his sons search the frozen wilderness for a lost bulldozer to sustain his family farmstead; Mark sets out to show his new fianc\u00e9e the beauty of McCarthy, but finds danger; Neil makes a last-ditch attempt to save his dream."
"When Jeremy crosses a frozen river in a two-ton bulldozer, he finds himself on thin ice; Jenny takes on a dangerous survival mission with her newborn baby in tow; Neil's business partner returns to town with big news."
"After being devastated by a powerful windstorm, it's all hands on deck as the town recovers. Jeremy discovers his barn is destroyed, Mark must clear dangerously damaged trees before it's too late. Lobo makes a tough trip with valuable but fragile loot."
"A bulldozer breakdown sends Jeremy on a high-flying, cross-country journey; when a wolf stalks Jenny and her baby, she must face off with the fierce predator."
"To build out his farmstead, Jeremy must strike a deal with the enemy, but a severe accident may halt his progress for good; Lobo barters for the future of his farm; Neil takes on major upgrades as he prepares to sell the town."
"As Jeremy rushes to finish his new barn, he learns shocking news; Jenny gets stranded with her newborn and must fight for their survival."
"McCarthy comes together for the biggest barn raising in its history; Jeremy embarks on his riskiest project yet; Jenny builds a rocket stove to support her newborn; Neil prepares to sell the town."
"Bears threaten Jenny and her newborn when they get stranded on an island in a storm; Jeremy gets his farmstead up and running, but unfinished business gets in the way; bad blood and a build gone bad make Neil regret a deal with Jeremy."